Simba is a gold star cat. He is affectionate, loves to cuddle, likes being held and carried, enjoys sleeping with the people he cares about. He is playful, enjoying wand, balls, and strings. He is gentle with his claws when playing. He gives little love bites when he’s being patted, but he’s gentle about it, he’s just excited. He can be a little she with new people, or new places, but settles in quickly. He is not a loud cat, he has a quiet little mew that he uses to express himself occasionally. He is excellent about using his litter box. He’s gotten comfortable living with a large, calm, dog within a couple of days. He is currently not a big fan of dry kibble, so is enjoying wet food with the option for dry as well.  

Age: 8 months
Sex: Male
Breed: DMH
Location: Edmonton
Intake: May 2023
Adoption Fee: $200

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