Hank is a seven month old, neutered, pot-bellied big. He is a pet! He will only be adopted to an approved home where bylaw allows pet pigs. This does not include Edmonton, Sherwood Park or St Albert. You will have to check your local bylaws to see if Hank is allowed in your home!

Here are some questions you should know the answers to before inquiring on Hank:

  1. Does your municipality allow the keeping of pet pigs?
  2. How big do mini, micro and teacup pigs really grow?
  3. What type of housing do pigs require?
  4. Are pigs compatible with other pets?
  5. What do pigs eat? What should you feed to pigs?
  6. Do you have access to suitable veterinary care in your community?
  7. Is hoof and tusk trimming really necessary for pet pigs?
  8. How do you transport a pig? Do you know how to humanely catch a pig and get it into a vehicle?
  9. How do you potty train a pig, and what do you do with all that pig poo?
  10. What costs should you consider?

Apply to Adopt

Read this article from the BC SPCA: https://spca.bc.ca/news/mini-pigs/


This is Pal he is a 21 yr old gentleman.
He came to WHARF from a farm that just kept him as a pet. They could no longer afford feed for him and we offered to help find him a retirement home.
He is the quietest, most friendly horse.
He is the first to the fence to let all the kids pet him, super easy to catch and handle on the ground. He gets along well with all livestock and isn’t bother by dogs or equipment.
If anyone is looking for a companion horse or a pasture pet he is available to approved home.

Please call Tessa at +1 (780) 884-1172 to ask more about the adoption process of Pal.


This is Boomerang. He is the sweetest Shetland pony you would have the pleasure of meeting. This little guy was rescued from a family that was improperly looking after a major eye injury due to lack of knowledge and funds. He was surrendered to us and we promptly had the vet out to examine. Ultimately the eye was far to damaged and had to be removed. Boomer had been living with this issue for sometime so losing his eye didn’t even phase him. I’m sure he is much more comfortable now. Along with his eye he was very underweight and had very long hooves. He got a dental and a couple trims by the farrier and an appointment from the chiropractor and he is like a brand new pony. Boomer is around 7 yrs old. Great around other animals including dogs. Is very safe inside and outside of a barn and is good with all people big and little. He would benefit from a home that is going to use him as a riding pony as he is very reliable and not spooky. He loves having a job and is very well put together and have a very loving gentle temperament. He is a sometimes a pain to catch in a big area, but what pony isn’t. Once caught he is a dream to handle. Any smaller horse savvy person could excel on this wonderful pony. He is about 11 or so hands high.

All of his training and some of his rehab was done by Celine Roy of Mystic Meadows Equine Center south of Leduc.

Please call Tessa at 780 884 1172 for more information on Boomerang and what is involved in our adoption process!