Max is an 8 month old purebred border collie who has very high energy. He has been around kids cats and other dogs and does well but need a lot of work on manners and jumps up a lot. He is house and kennel trained. He needs a very active home the can help him with his manners and give him an outlet for his energy. He would do well on an acreage or with a farmer. He is looking for a job.

Age: 8 months
Sex: Male
Breed: Border Collie
Location: Edmonton
Intake: May 2020
Adoption Fee: $450

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This is Roger! Roger was hit by a car and left, but luckily some nice people saw and picked him up right away and brought him to WHARF.

Roger is one big goofy boy! At times he does not seem to realize he is a big guy and gets himself into tight spaces or moves furniture around, but it’s hard to be mad because he usually is just trying to get to his people! Roger is incredibly affectionate, is super eager to please his humans, and is always wagging his tail. He is also super smart! Now that he knows love is always available he is much better at giving his foster parents space, and he is always polite and asks when he wants to go outside by standing at the back door or ringing the bell! Roger also knows his name and has great recall in the yard and house, and is fully house trained. He is working on his leash manners with his foster family and is doing great!
Roger is great with the resident dogs but seems to be picky about his dog friends. He is also quiet in the house and rarely barks (but what a big bark when he does!). Roger is good in a crate and out while his foster parents aren’t home, although he may engage in a crime of opportunity if food is left unattended on the coffee table or if his favorite food, bread, is left out. For the most part he does not steal things from the counters and has learned that the kitchen is not for him. Roger is very gentle with humans and thinks any touch is pets! He is also really playful but isn’t crazy with his play and knows when it’s time to relax.

Roger’s ideal home will be confident with large breeds and be willing to walk him everyday, have a fenced yard for him to roam around in, be home in the evenings to spend time with him, and be ready for an affectionate big boy who just wants to be pet and snuggled! Roger was adopted and despite being very loved, had to be returned as he did not like the resident dog. He would do best as an only dog or potentially with another well-adjusted, 2 year old+, male, bigger dog as a friend (he plays well with small dogs too but doesn’t realize his own strength and often steps on them). Roger should not go to a home with cats and would do better in a home with no children. Roger is an AMAZING dog and will make a fantastic addition to any family!

Age: 2 years
Breed: X
Location: Edmonton
Intake: February 2020
Adoption Fee: $400
Weight: 115lbs

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