Foster for WHARF

Why Foster?

Fostering a pet in care helps them move from WHARF care into a home. This frees up a space at WHARF which means more pets can be accepted. This is also great for the pets to experience what it will be like when they are adopted. They learn the rhythm of a family, they get more one on one training, support and they get a lot of attention!


Contact WHARF if you are interested in fostering a dog. We will answer any questions you have. When you are ready to take a pet we will try and find a pet that will fit in with your family life (kids, other dogs or cats). We will provide everything you need to care for your foster pet. You handle the adoption process by contacting potential adopters and seeing if they are a good match for the pet. WHARF will support you through this process. Once your pet is adopted you can pick up a new foster!


The type of candidate who is suitable for fostering is… you! Assets for foster families are experience with pets, lots of patience and someone who is understanding of the unique background of each animal who comes into care. Good organization skills are an asset, we need you to keep in touch with WHARF, call back potential adopters as soon as possible and we may even need you to snap that winning photo that will help your foster pet get adopted.

What you can expect…

Fostering is both difficult and rewarding. Some pets may pee and poop in your home. They may chew your things and need a lot of training and care. They may hide in the kennel or spend all their time trying to get out. They might be afraid of being left alone or they may be aloof. The great thing about fostering is that it doesn’t take long for pets to turn around. Within weeks they may have many accomplishments, all because of your special care. They may learn that people are kind, they may learn basic manners and commands, they may learn to relax for the first time in their lives. When you get the privilege of seeing an animal finally wag their tail, or rub against your legs and purr for the first time…. that makes it all worthwhile.

Won’t I get attached?

Yes. You probably will get attached. You are pouring a lot of love into this pet! It is important to remind yourself that you are a stepping stone in this pets life. You will be investing everything you can to help them be the most adoptable pet possible. At the end of it when the new adoptive family lights up and falls in love, that is when you will be able to wipe the goodbye tears away and celebrate. Soon you will be on to the next pet who needs you and the updates from your last foster pet will keep you going. If you have kids they may also have a hard time saying goodbye. That’s normal! It can be hard to say goodbye but again, it’s important to remember that you are just a stop on the way to their forever home.

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