What happens to Lame and Tame animals?

Lame and Tame animals are allowed to live out their natural life at the sanctuary. Not only do farm animals come in, some dogs and cats come into care that are not adoptable. They may be too old, too sick or have too many behavior issues. They can remain safely at the sanctuary. There are many feral cats who live on the farm. Read through the posts to see who lives on the farm!

What is Lame and Tame?

Lame and Tame is a new name for something that has been happening for a long time. WHARF just can’t say no to animals in need. They primarily work with dogs, cats and small animals but other animals in need just keep popping up! WHARF has supported chickens, goats, sheep, turkeys, horses, donkeys and a mule, just to name a few! Animals are surrendered or brought in by animal control. Many animals are on their way to slaughter (for food) and some are simply not being cared for. WHARF is always happy to step up and give the animals the love and care they need. When you donate to WHARF you are supporting all animals in need, not just our furry house pets.


Before WHARF Rocket was left alone in a pasture to fend for himself. He was no longer wanted and that meant, no longer cared for. When WHARF came to rescue him he was skinny, wormy and his feet were long. He was scared and alone. When he was rescued 23 dogs were surrendered, WHARF kept eight and the others went to AARCS. Rocket was transported back to the WHARF farm. The Lame and Tame Ranch is a place where all animals can live out their life without fear, without neglect and with plenty of love. 

Rocket shown in August when he was first rescued.

Rocket was treated for worms, groomed, had his hooves trimmed. After that he was put in a pasture with other animals. He is receiving on-going farrier work to get his hooves healthy. He has someone working with him on a regular basis, handling and grooming. Once he is gelded he will be saddle trained.

WHARF has spent hours of time and expensive resources to give Rocket a second chance at a good life.  When you donate to WHARF you help give animals like Rocket a second chance. 

Rocket after WHARF love and support!