Fees (subject to change based on each animal):
Unaltered dogs $500 and up based on behavioural needs
Altered dogs $300 and up
Unaltered cats $300
Altered cats $150
Kittens (to be assessed depending on the litter)
Unaltered Bunnies $200
Altered Bunnies $100
Small Animals $50 – $200 depending on the animal

The surrender fee is in place to cover some of the costs while
the animal is in care.

Animals will be held in care until they are adopted. WHARF only
ever euthanizes a pet if it is in the best interest of the pet and it
is advised by a veterinarian. WHARF is a no-kill rescue.

If your pet is unaltered, then before surrendering your pet, consider having your pet spayed or neutered. This can help with many behavioral issues that people  might be experiencing.

Dog Surrender

Cat Surrender

Small Animal Surrender