Adoption Fees

You can pay adoption fees by e-transfer to


Adoption Fees:

GST Included, GST Number: 78848 7080 RT0001

Dogs $425
Small dogs $500
Puppies (10 weeks to 1 year) $500

Dogs with a stomach tack to prevent GDV are an additional $200 (please see information below and link to a video that explains why this is necessary)

Cats $180
Kittens (10 weeks to 1 year) $200
Bunnies $85
Guinea Pigs $90 for a pair

Included in your adoption fee:
– vet check to ensure the pet is healthy for adoption
– neuter or spay (excluding small animals)
– vaccinations (not including optional Bordetella) and de-worming
– tattoo or microchip

If the animal is adopted before the booster vaccination the adoptive parent is responsible for completing the rest of the vaccinations. Any vet bills incurred on the animal after the adoption process is the responsibility of the new owner.

GDV FEE: As of January 2019 we are adding a new, increased fee to certain dogs we have. Here is why…

Between Christmas and New Years WHARF lost three of it’s dogs to something called GDV. There is a great link to a video clip that explains GDV and why it is important to prevent. If WHARF does a stomach tack during the spay or neuter it is only $200, if you do it electively afterwards it would be between $700 – $900. Dogs that the vet recommends a tack to, will be $600 to adopt instead of the regular $400. (Puppies with tacks: $650).

People often get upset about price increases so we want to educate as many people as possible about this. If you have ever held your dog while he died in your arms, then you will know that a small cost, to prevent a tragedy, is worth it. WHARF is a not for profit organization and does not raise prices without much thought and consideration.

Mandatory stomach tacks are in memory of Neville, a Great Dane that belonged to one of WHARF’s volunteers. If you’ve ever been to the adoption office you probably met him there. Stomach tacks are also in memory of Bandit, a sweetheart who was adopted out last year.

From Bandit’s forever family:
 “It was my family who adopted Bandit last March. In the 3 hours while we were at a New Year’s event he developed GDV. Those 3 hours closed the window to be able to save him. I would pay any amount of money to have my best friend back again. This is a serious medical emergency and the response time to get them into surgery is too limited to not warrant preventative measures.”

Having experienced these tragedies, WHARF wants to do better. Dogs who have stomach tacks will be noted on the website. Thank you for your understanding. If you have questions or concerns please message WHARF and we will try to answer any questions you have about this.

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