Cheerio is a happy boy! He is a truly resilient dog that has overcome the life threatening effects of distemper thanks to the intervention of WHARF. He has a tic where he opens and closes his mouth once a second, very rhythmically. This resulted in him wearing down all of his teeth to the point of infection and being unable to eat. When he came into WHARF’s care he was extremely emaciated and it was decided by a veterinarian to remove all of his teeth. This surgery and his poor state of health resulted in a long recovery where he spent three weeks at the vet with a feeding tube through his throat and fought off multiple infections and other complications. Cheerio pulled through and is now in foster care, and possibly for the first time in his life not in pain. But Cheerio doesn’t complain, and he loves to wiggle and wag his tail whenever a human comes by. The staff taking care of him at the vet clinic were very taken with him as well. Cheerio shares his foster home with another dog and two cats and is getting along well. He is ok to be left alone and uncrated, is non-destructive and very quiet. Although Cheerio gets on with other dogs at home and at the dog park, he seems impartial to canine companions and would be just has happy in a home by himself. He is unbelievably sweet and wants nothing more than his very own person to spend time with. As for eating, Cheerio is adjusting quite well to his toothless mouth and has plenty of appetite. He is currently eating soft food, but could be transitioned to kibble. Although Cheerio will always have his tic and might be a little bit messy when he eats, he is just like every other dog and loves long walks and sleep ins. After everything he has been through he deserves nothing but the best. So come and meet this sweet boy today!

Age: 3 years
Breed: Catahoula X
Location: Edmonton
Intake: August 2019
Adoption Fee: $400

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Cheerio arrived at WHARF last month suffering from the effects of distemper. He presented with a tic: he forcefully opens and closes his mouth once a second. Over time, Cheerio had worn down his teeth to such an extent that they became infected and needed to be completely removed. He was extremely emaciated and required a feeding tube to be inserted through his throat during his recovery.Not vaccinating your dog has serious consequences- sometimes deadly, sometimes resulting in a dramatic decrease in the quality of a dog’s life. Unvaccinated dogs also pose a risk to other dogs around them and to any puppies they may have. WHARF has taken in several dogs over the years suffering from the effects of distemper.In canines, distemper effects several body systems, including the spinal cord and the brain, and can cause serious neurological problems. It is easily preventable with the DAP vaccination (canine distemper- adenovirus 2- parainfluenza- parvo virus). WHARF administers this vaccine to all dogs it intakes and it is a standard vaccine recommended by all veterinarians. Cheerio is now on the mend and is a happy boy. However, he will always have his neurological tic and will need to adapt to eating without any teeth. In addition, his ability to pant effectively has been reduced. All of this could have been prevented with a simple vaccination, the cost of which is a tiny fraction of the amount spent on his surgery and recovery. Help stop the spread of preventable canine diseases by having your dog vaccinated.

Posted by WHARF on Monday, August 19, 2019


Ruby here! I came from a small hoarding house with an elderly man who really liked cats. Cherry came in with Ruby and we each had a litter of kittens a few days apart but since we were such good mommas and best friends we co-nursed all the kittens together. We came into WHARF and our kittens were old enough we got to go into foster care. My foster home adores me, I am the perfect cat and I love being in a busy house. I have little kids, cats, dogs and guinea pigs to play with all day. I am playful, love to be pet and love to sit on the back of the couch looking out the window. We are very good girls and don’t wreck anything and are very respectful of the furniture in the house. I am spayed, vaccinated, de-wormed and tattooed. Come and meet me!

Age: 1 year
Breed: DSH
Location: Edmonton
Intake: March 2019
Adoption Fee: $180 each

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