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As many of you know last spring we got two baby bunnies in from a feral colony, Hershey and his albino sister Marshmallow. Both of these bunnies lived with us and were spayed and neutered and available for adoption, they had interest but nobody ended up wanting to adopt them. Sadly Marshmallow passed away in December from a fluke heart condition that vets believe was caused from possibly colony inbreeding. She made it through her Spay surgery and lived totally happily but passed randomly in her sleep which left us all absolutely devastated. Hershey was heartbroken and very lonely and none of our other in care rabbits bonded to him, thankfully shortly after a year old bunny “Bun” was surrendered to us and the two hit it off almost instantly and are now inseparable. These two must be adopted as a bonded pair, and go to a home that they can live their lives together for the rest of their lives.

Adoption Fee: $300 for the PAIR
Name: Hershey & Bun
Sex: Male & Female
Age: 1 Year Old
Spayed / Neutered: Yes
Dewormed: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Litterbox Trained: Yes
Dog Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: Yes
Kid Friendly: Yes
Tolerate being Held: Yes
Personality: these two are curious and social bunnies. They are fine being held and love chin scratches and head rubs. They enjoy fresh fruit and are currently litterbox trained and free roam the main space of a foster home. They are so happy and sweet social rabbits who do amazing with cats, dogs and other rabbits.

All of our bunnies are adopted into homes who have and understand the positive benefits of free roaming rabbits and do not go to cage only homes. We expect rabbits be allowed out for play time, and social time and do not be confined to a critter cage their entire lives. These rabbits have been trained to use a litterbox and do not pee and seldom poop outside of that. These rabbits have been raised in an indoor only home and would not be available to go to an outdoor hutch only home or an indoor cage only home. Indoor cages are accepted as a short term solution for rabbits who can’t be safely supervised during work or sleep hours (like crate training a dog) but they can not be left for days on end in a small animal cage or hutch only.

To adopt this pair, please follow our adoption application link below.


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