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  1. From Blitz’s Family: Hey guys,

    We wanted to get in touch and give you a quick update on Blitz – the pup that we adopted from you in mid-December.

    We’ve given her a new name – we’re calling her Zoey (we kept the Z) – and she’s settling in just beautifully.

    She’s still recovering from a lot – the trauma of being abandoned and adopted, being spayed, her dental surgery, and her wound. But from day one she’s been super affectionate and she bonded to us without issue.

    She was pretty lethargic early on. Didn’t have a lot of energy and food was a challenge but we’ve got her eating regularly and on a diet that works for her. The energy levels are getting better, the wound is healing, and her full personality is really starting to shine.

    She’s still shy around dogs (probably has something to do with the bite wound), but she loves people and kids – she could be a therapy dog, she has such a great temperament.

    She’s such an amazing companion and we’re totally in love with her. Thank you so much for everything that you do and for helping pair us up with Zoey.

    -Dave & Julie

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