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  1. How tall is Malt from the shoulder to floor. I would really like her for her forever home, but I cannot have a dog larger than 14” from shoulder to floor. Thanks!

    1. Based on seeing Malt I believe she might be too big. Please text or call Tessa at 780 884 1172 and she can tell you with certainty her exact height. Thanks!

  2. I tried calling Tessa, but her message is full and she didn’t pick up, so I couldn’t leave a message. Could you please get back to me, I’ll be home tomorrow until 12:30pm. Thanks if you don’t get back until 3pm than please email me the answer. Thanks again.

    1. Did you fill out an appylication for Malt? Malt is now in foster care and so your application would go to the foster family.

  3. I would love to give malt a forever home. We live on a acreage, and a family of 4. Please let me know if still available, to meet?

  4. I am happy to see that Malt found her family, but want to let you know we are particularly disappointed, having applied some time ago, waiting patiently, and never receiving a call only to find out when we did follow up that your application e-form is broken. If you could have posted a note on your website that the e-form was broken, we would have called right away to indicate our interest in her.

      1. Thanks, Shauna. We were just disappointed to miss out. You do amazing work and all that matters is that she has a great home. Thanks for your reply.

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