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  1. Hi I am curious why you don’t say anything about the dogs backgrounds, how you came by them, temperament, weight, if they get along with other animals/people house trained crate trained? And most times don’t respond to any comments or questions?

    1. If a dog is a new intake they may not know the full background or the quirks yet.

      Also rescues are run by volunteers so they aren’t just sitting online all day to answer your questions. If you want more information you can inquire on the dogs to get in touch with the foster home. As they have repeatedly responded in the posts.

    2. We post what we know. If you follow our Facebook page it gives information on what we are doing. We went to Saskatchewan and did a big rescue of dogs. We brought home 21 dogs + 9 born right after arrival. There is only one of me responding to all the comments and doing all the online stuff, I try and be as timely as possible. I am busy with work, volunteering at the shop, fostering multiple animals, and can’t respond to all the comments. I definitely try my best! If you have questions about dogs call Tessa at 780 884 1172 she is fostering most of them and can tell you what she knows. Thanks for your understanding!

    3. Hi I’ve inquired about a couple dogs before but got no response. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Anyways interested in willow and socks as well as the first sheppard X on the site. Olga. Could you get back to me and give me some information on them please. Thank you.

      1. Hi! Due to COVID there are a lot of dog adoptions and less dogs in care. If you see a dog you like feel free to call Tessa at 780 884 1172. Olga is still available.

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