Seconds She is 11 yrs old We received 10 starving thoroughbreds late winter. They were on a property that was not providing them with sufficient feed, water, shelter or parasite control. The as you can see they are in very bad condition. We have working with the local vet clinic to bring these girls up to proper weight to post for adoption. They had every type of worm registerable as well as ticks and both sucking and biting lice. Because they were all so thin coming in we have had to be very careful to get rid of their parasites slowly and feed them safely in a way to prevent colic. Seconds came in in the worst condition. She is the sweetest soul. She was also in foal when she arrived and unfortunately aborted her baby. Her body condition was too poor to carry the baby to term. She has raced and we have her papers. She has been through 2 rounds of de-worming and stood like a dream for the farrier. We are working slowly on bringing her weight up so we can do a dental on her and send her to the trainer to be assessed for riding. We will keep everyone posted on this beautiful horse. She will be available for adoption soon hopefully!

For more information please call Tessa at 780 884 1172

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