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  1. Hi, I think Roxy is a beautiful girl. I have been looking for a while and this would seem like a possible good match. I would like to know her height at the shoulders please.
    Thank you
    Chantal Yamasaki

    1. Please apply for her! If her foster mom thinks you’re a good candidate, she will contact you to set up a meet n greet

  2. I would like to speak with someone about Roxy. We lost our old Kayla last year and we are now starting to look for an older dog (at least 2 years old) who will be good with our older cat. Please let me know if Roxy or any other dog may be a good fit.

    1. Please apply for her and her foster will get into contact with you if she thinks she’s a good fit!

  3. Good morning,
    I applied to adopt Roxy, but did not receive a reply. Does this mean we are not a good fit? It really seemed like she could be a good fit with our family.
    We have an acreage that will very soon have a 30’ x 60’ fenced yard.
    If you could please let me know.
    Wendy Elsey
    (780) 862-4832

  4. I have sent my application in as well, on the 14th and now it is Sunday evening. I also called and spoke with someone but got no answers as to whether or not she is still available. I’d really like a phone call or email. Thanks!

    1. Hi! If the foster home is working on other applications they won’t call. They will only contact you if they think you’re a good fit and are ready to set up meet.

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