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  1. Hello, my name is Laura. I use look after Luna for her old owner last summer as a dog Walker and sitter. I was very sad when she was given up and I always think about her. Unfortunately I’m unable to adopt her. I would love to visit her and walk her again one day of that’s possible. Im very happy to see this picture of her I Thought I’d message to check. If not I understand, thanks for viewing my message.

  2. Has Luna ever been around kids? I have 3 who love dogs. Our recently passed and the house is terribly lonely without one. But I want to make sure she would be okay with kids. Thanks.

    1. Hi! Luna hasn’t had any issues around children, please apply to adopt and her foster mom can tell you more about her and set up a time for Luna to meet your kids!

  3. Is Luna okay with kids. I have 3 young kids who miss having a very loving dog in the house. Our recently passed. And the house seems lonley. I want to make sure it’s a good match for everyone. Thanks.

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