Dewey-At WHARF, come and adopt!

Huey (Adopted), Dewey and Louie were born to a stray mom. Their mom was hit by a car and died so the three kittens were screaming with hunger. Some kind residents trapped the kittens and brought them to WHARF. They were all very scared. They hiss, and are frightened easily, so would not be good for a home with small children. They have been in care for a month and have come a long way! They should all be adopted out separately as they feed off each others fear. They need to be in a home with a confident, loving cat. They are being fostered in a home with a dog, but they are quite scared of him still. Dewey is the most timid of his group. He always hides and cowers and takes a lot more time to relax and play. Dewey has had the least progress out of his group. He will sit with you and let you hold him, but really only because he is too scared to run away. We hope that in time he will continue to learn to trust. He needs someone who will be patient with him, and continue to draw him out of his shell. When he thinks no one is watching he loves to play with toys and wrestle his brothers. Check out more photos of this trio on Facebook on Shauna’s Foster Family.

Age: 8 weeks
Sex: Male
Breed: DSH
Location: Edmonton
Intake: June 2021
Adoption Fee: $200

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