My name is Kiko, and I’m a 3yr old orange-and-cream tabby cat with beautiful, big, golden eyes and a nice, long, lush coat. I’m a quiet, gentle, sweet, lovely gal, and can be a bit shy at times. I do like to watch and observe what everyone is up to, though, and be in the same room as you, lounging on a blanket, couch, chair, or warm surface. If a bed is left unmade, I like to sneak into or onto the blankets and just poke my head out. I love playing with my toys, and will run, or roll around, playing with them for quite a while independently. Although I have many toys, sometimes my favourite one is the large, brown paper bag my foster mom leaves out for me to play in, hide in, and chew for fun, or something hanging for me to bat and chew.

I’m still getting used to being outside the shelter, and sometimes sneak away at loud noises or people approaching me, but everyday I adapt a tiny bit more. While I currently don’t like being held too much, and won’t sit directly on your lap all the time, I’ll let you pet me (if you don’t startle me), I like positive attention, often like being in the same room with you, and will meow back and respond to you if you talk to me. I would do really well with an owner who understands all of these things, gives me time to gradually adapt and become less timid, does not have an overly-chaotic household, and who is patient, kind, understanding, and gentle with me. If you think you’d like the company of a quiet, sweet, mild-mannered cat, come and meet me at my foster home downtown today!

Age: 3 years
Breed: DSH
Location: Edmonton
Intake: November 2018
Adoption Fee: $180

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