PLEASE READ MY BIO: I do not do well home alone. I do not do well with submissive dogs and smaller dogs. I need a home with another dominant dog who I can follow their lead. I need a home willing to commit to me as I have been adopted and returned twice. I am very loving and loyal, I just need the right people to commit to me.

Playtime is exhausting!
Cater is always happy to check on the foster kittens!

I am a loving dog who is looking for my family. I think I could do well on a farm. I am good with cattle and don’t chase cats or rabbits. I am amazing off leash and I don’t run away. I love my humans too much. Which is also a bit of a problem in certain situations. I have been adopted and returned twice to WHARF. The first time I was returned because I was destructive to the house when I was home alone. The second time I was returned was because I bit someone (a stranger in my home) who was drunk and who was bothering me. I did not hurt him too badly,  but I did break skin on his hand. Like many dogs, people who smell like alcohol scare me. This man wasn’t listening to my warnings that I was very scared. All of my owners, past and present, do not think I am a dangerous dog. I live in a foster home with kids and I am nothing but gentle. This time I  get adopted I need someone who can commit to me forever. 

I have some anxiety about being home alone. I am learning that my humans come home and aren’t leaving me forever. Sometimes I may scratch at the door or rip up the mat because I want to get to you. I have destroyed crates trying to get out and get to my humans. Being adopted and returned twice has made me feel more worried that I am going to lose my humans.

I am very well trained. I sit, stay, lay down and jump up on command. I love to play. I am loyal and loving.

If I had a home with a big, confident dog to keep me company I would likely do well. I could be happy on a farm where I can be outside when you go out, and I have some freedom to play with another dog buddy. When I am left home I will do everything in my power to get to you. I will chew, climb and persist until I can find you. I will need a secure, safe place to be kept while you are gone where I can’t hurt myself. I love people and I just want to be with them all the time. Right now I am doing well in my foster home with kids, a cat and my big dog friend, Boomer. I am such a loving, kind dog that just needs someone who understands that I can’t help the way I feel when my humans leave. I’m about 65lbs. If you want to see more photos and video of me head to Shauna’s Foster Dog Family on Facebook. I’m neutered, vaccinated and dewormed. Please ask about me today!

Age: 2 years
Breed: Siberian Husky X
Location: Edmonton
Intake: June 2019
Adoption Fee: $400

Who’s a good boy??

Posted by Shauna's Foster Dog Family on Sunday, April 7, 2019

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