I’ m Brianne! I came in with a big group from a hoarding house. A number of us were way too scared of humans to even be put in foster care or the WHARF shop to be adopted. A number of us were released on one of the WHARF foster homes that helps feral cats. It took me seven months of being around these nice farm humans to realize that they provided lots of mice for me to hunt. They also provided warm shelter, food and fresh water. This was something I started to enjoy! The other cats on the farm showed me the cat door and I learned about CAT BEDS. Whoa. Every day the farm human comes in and says hi to us and feed us. Sometimes she sits and lets us come close if we want. Every day I got closer and closer, and started to wait at the door for her. Eventually I touched her hand. And guess what? She touched me! The next day she scratched my back and then my head. Suddenly I realized HUMANS are great!!! She was able to look at me closer and see that I’m a girl. I am spayed, vaccinated, know how to use a litter box and I finally like people. Would you like to be my family? You may have to take it slow at first but now that I know about all these cat luxuries, I’m hooked! You can see videos of me getting pet at Shauna’s Foster Family on Facebook.

Age: 2-3 years
Sex: Female
Breed: DLH
Location: Edmonton
Intake: April/December 2020
Adoption Fee: $180

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