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  1. hi there! I adopted one of Zola’s babies and I’m trying to collect as much information as possible on him just to provide him with better care! If there is any way you could connect me to her adoptive family or even someone at the rescue that could tell me about her size, temperament, bad habits, and overall adjustment to her new home!

    Let me know if this is at all possible, her little guy Ru (Formally Chester) is such an angel, he is obsessed with his big sister Blair and is killing it at potty training. Hes a sweetheart with his brother Dipper despite the learning curve of figuring out they’re not the same species. His sister mango is still warming up to him but she hasn’t hissed once, and has reconciled her differences with her brother dipper to band together against the puppy. Anyways, thank you you for letting us bring Ru home, he’s made our family whole.

  2. I highly recommend my friend Beth B and family to meet with Zola.
    I am a lifelong dog owner and adopter. Their 7 year ago girl Allegra loves walking and playing with my dog. And Allegra is very good with their pet cat.
    Thanks for considering them.
    JoAnn Quinn

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