I am in foster care! Please click on the link below to have my foster mom call you!

I came to WHARF as a stray cat. My leg was already missing and I had no traceable identification. I come off as the grumpiest 3 legged cat ever but believe my foster mom when she tells you that I am all talk. I am very agile with 3 legs and have no problem with stairs or jumping on the bed. I am in a foster home with kids cats and dogs whom I tolerate but am very vocal about the fact that I really think I should be living alone. I can live with other animals and little people but I’m definitely not shy about voicing my opinions. I am a prince, I’m sure my great, great grand cat came from Egypt. So remember that when you bring me home…once a prince always a prince.

Age: 3 years
Breed: DSH
Location: Edmonton
Intake: February 2018

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