Scorch – ADOPTED INTO HEAVEN Current Vet Bill is paid, thanks to you.

January 17th:

It is with great sadness that we announce that Scorch has died. He was not eating, having liver issues and went under anesthetic to try and get a feeding tube put in. He never woke up from the anesthetic.

Everything that was done, was under vet care. The vets at Crestwood made the best choices for Scorch, each step of the way. Thank you for your donations to help Scorch. His bills are expensive and, thanks to you, this will not be a burden on WHARF. We don’t have exact numbers yet but there will not be too much extra over and above his bills. If there is extra it will be applied in memory of Scorch to our other special cases that were treated at Crestwood. Our website talks a lot about their stories and their bills. If you have any question or concerns, please message WHARF.

Rest easy sweet Scorch, may you have no pain on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

January 15: Today a WHARF volunteer was able to check in at Crestwood and take some photos. Scorch is being extremely kind to his care givers despite his level of pain. He is continuing to be stabalized so that he can go under anesthetic. New photos are at the bottom of the post.

January 14th: Scorch is on IV antibiotics and fluids. He is holding on and the team at Crestwood is stabalizing him.

January 13th: Scorch made it through night one. He (hard to say for sure) has been all cleaned up. His paws, one in particular is in very rough shape, it is de-gloved and has very traumatic injury to it. Now that his pain is being managed and he is clean enough to assess what is happening, vets will decide the next steps of treatment.

Tonight we are sharing an upsetting story. A lady contacted WHARF because she had picked up a cat, staggering in the middle of the highway. WHARF has named him Scorch. He appears to have had something poured on him that has caused burns. He has been cleaned up and is receiving care. It is situations like this touch people, because no one can imagine the pain this cat is in, and the fear it must be feeling. If everyone who read this post donated $1 to WHARF then Scorch’s vet bills will be paid. We will update the website’s special cases page with Scorch’s progress.

2 thoughts on “Scorch – ADOPTED INTO HEAVEN Current Vet Bill is paid, thanks to you.”

  1. I am so sorry to hear that, that little baby stole my heart and I was hoping he could pull through, despite his painful injuries. I hope he will find peace and joy over the rainbow bridge. I hope that the criminal who did this will suffer in hell for the rest of his or her life .

    1. This is horrific!! This poor helpless creature….how can ppl be so cruel?! in paradise Scortch over the rainbow bridge..thank you to all who helped this little Angel..I can’t stop crying..this is so sad 🐺👣❤️

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