Hi, my name’s Sandcastle! I’m such a loveable boy with a great personality. I am being fostered with kids, dogs and a cat and am very well behaved. I really just love everyone. I will play if you want or I am happy to cuddle and lay at your feet or you can just rub my belly. I am a big boy(65lbs) with medium energy and do need daily exercise. If you have a dog for me to play with, that would be great too or I’d love to have some doggy friends to play with. My recall is pretty good but I still struggle with not running up to every dog I see.  I can’t  help myself I just want to be friends with everyone! I am not dominant at all. I just want to get along. I am almost always off leash and am probably in need of a little leash training as I pull sometimes. A walking harness would help with that! I am very motivated to work for treats. I know “sit” and “go lay down” and of course I always get a treat when I listen on my walks. I had a skin infection when I came into care but I am getting so much better after some medication. My immune system was not doing well but now I’m on a really good diet and I am looking good! You would never even know. I don’t like being crated so my foster mom bought me a chewing block to keep myself busy with while loose in the house while my family is not home. If I don’t have my special chewies (and other durable toys)and I get bored, I will look for something to do. For this reason, I need a family who isn’t away too long every day. I have shown that I can behave for up to 7 hours while home alone. Exercising me before leaving me alone will also help as I will most likely just sleep(another dog in the house would be good company too!) I always get a morning walk with the other dogs before my family goes to work and this has been working well for me. I have been excellent with doing my “business” outside and have had no accidents inside.

If you want a big, loveable, loyal best friend, I am your guy! Did I mention how much fun I am?!?! I am so awesome with kids and love to play with them. My foster family gives me lots of attention and that’s what I love! You won’t regret adopting me. They just love me and will be sad to see me go.


Age: 1 year
Breed: Lab X
Location: Edmonton
Intake: October 2018

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