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  1. Hello. I’m not sure if this is the best way to contact but I have a few questions about Roger. But first some background on me. I am in the process of looking for a dog, have had them all my life growing up and feel that it is time for one of my own. I do live in a condo and am going through the process of getting confirmation that I can have a pup of Roger’s size. That said, I work from home and will be able be with my dog for the majority of the day as well as be able to walk and run the dog multiple times a day. I’ve had very active dogs in the past, vizslas and German Shepards, and am familiar with how to keep a high drive dog stimulated. But back to Roger, would you consider him “high energy”? I’m intrigued that he seems like a very loving, smart, big guy but in respect to him I would like to know if he’s more of a relax and cuddle pup or a run around and chase toys all day kind of pup? I understand that he’s young and there could be overlap between these two examples and I would defy be able to run/walk him lots during the day but I’m just trying to understand if he’d be a perfect fit for me. Thanks so much!

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