Ritz is the sweetest dog! She just wants to be with her people and get snuggles all the time. Her tail is always wagging (actually her whole bum), and she loves to give lots of kisses. However, she’s also very good at just relaxing in her crate when her people are busy or away. She loves her crate and is doing well with housetraining. She walks reasonably well on the leash – she could use some more work on loose leash walking but she is also not a hard puller. She walked into the house like she’s lived in one her whole life – what a good dog! Ritz had surgery for a broken hip in September. The surgery required the head of the femur to be removed, so she no longer has a “ball and socket” joint. She is doing very well post op and is using her leg well. She has a slight limp which may persist for the rest of her life, but she runs and plays without concern. She would love to go to a moderately active home as she has lots of puppy energy still that she wants to burn off. To help maintain her mobility well into her senior years she will need to be kept slim. Ritz does have a couple of small nuisance behaviours that we have been working on and she’s been making great progress! She can be a little nervous of new people at first, particularly from afar. On walks she tends to bark at people or other dogs that she sees, but once close enough to sniff them and get pets she seems to love everyone. We have been working on this leash reactivity and she rarely barks anymore, but a reactivity class with a positive reinforcement trainer may be helpful. She also barks at the door and sometimes at men who live in the same household when they come home (or come in from another room/part of the house). We’ve been using a Treat and Train (remote treat dispensing unit) to work on this and she’s been doing fabulously. She is a very sensitive girl so only positive reinforcement training should be used. Ritz will require a home with no small animals as she has shown the propensity for prey drive with pet rabbits in her foster home. A very bold cat may be acceptable, but she should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. So far she has gotten on well with most other dogs and adult humans; she has met only a few small children but did well with them.

Age: 1-3 years
Breed: Lab X
Location: Edmonton
Intake: November 2018
Adoption Fee: $400

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