I am in foster care! Please click on the link below to have my foster mom call you!

I came to WHARF from the SPCA so my story is a mystery. What’s certain is I was pretty skinny and had mats so I must have been living a pretty rough life on the streets. The first two days of moving to my foster home my foster mom patiently cut out the mats which at first was uncomfortable, but boy does that do a lot for one’s self esteem! I’m even pretty patient with the regular combings and glad my hair is growing back to make me the handsome boy I was meant to be. Mom says I’m handsome and have the loveliest velvety fur coat, so I’m spending more time with my grooming to make her proud. I am not finicky and really enjoy the regular meals and treats – although I may have to cut back soon. I am a big laid back kind of dude and like being close to my foster mom and getting pets and cheek rubs. I am well behaved and am quickly learning the rules around here – like not climbing on the kitchen counters. I get along with my roommate Taffy (except when she pushed me to my limits) and am fascinated watching her chase balls around, sometimes I even join in! It’s quiet here and nice to have all the attention on us so I think that’s what I would prefer. I sure would like to find a forever home where I can chill with my people. I do get along with other cats – not sure what dogs are but I’m told they have four legs. I like to play and chase balls or grab feathers but over all I’m pretty chill. I sure hope I find a forever home soon! Ask about me today. I am ready for you, neutered, de-wormed and vaccinated.

Age: 3 years
Breed: DMH
Location: Edmonton
Intake: October 2018

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