There was something special about this guy when we were walking through the sale trying to pick our horses at the sale. He is a very flashy 3 yr old grade gelding. He is shy but very curious and we are very excited to get to know him and help him become a beautiful mount for someone if he let’s us. He will be having his feet and vet work done in the next couple of weeks and then moving on to the trainers to see if he can be started under saddle. Please help us bring this beautiful boy to his full potential. We are looking for someone to sponsor him while he is in care to help us cover costs for vet/farrier work as well as feed. Donations can be made to

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  1. Hi there, I was hoping to learn more about Renegade! I’m considering sponsoring but I’d like to learn a little bit more about his story and how he is now, etc. Thank you in advance

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