I am extremely shy and wary of people. I would need help being shown that people are safe and that I can trust you. I am not a playful kitten, I am a scared kitten and I need someone to adopt me who understands this about me.

Age: 3.5 months
Breed: DSH
Location: Edmonton
Intake: April 2019
Adoption Fee: $200

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Very young kittens must be adopted in pairs or to a home with another cat. 

One thought on “Rachel”

  1. Hey! I am currently fostering Rachel and she has opened up to me and my cat so much. She loves to play and will start hunting toys I wiggle around the room, once she’s comfortable with your family she’ll start to come out from under the couch and her hiding spots and play with you. She likes to be around another cat because it helps her open up!

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