New puppies will be posted OCTOBER 1! Puppies will not be pre-adopted or held. Do not apply until puppies are posted on the website. WHARF also has 3 additional large litters of puppies that will be ready in October and November.

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    1. Right now animals are getting adopted so quickly that they don’t always make it to the website. Sometimes we post dogs on FB and they get meet and greets the same day. It is crazy right now with COVID! We have up and coming puppies you can watch growing up on Shauna’s Foster Dog Family on Facebook. They are three weeks old and super fun to watch!

      1. Hi Shauna, can we adopt off the facebook page? We’ve been looking for puppies for months and have had so many disappointments. Are the ones you are fostering adopted already? Thanks!

        1. The ones I am fostering aren’t adopted yet. They are only 4 weeks so it will be a little while. Keep watching my page and I’ll post when they are getting ready to go for their spay/neuters. Probably 4 more weeks.

    1. Hi! It is usually late at night and I post anytime we have animals ready to be adopted. Right now with COVID it is hard to get vet appointments so intake is super slow. Also I do post of Facebook anytime I add new animals to the website.

    1. The next litter will be posted on the website on October 1. We don’t really know if the demand is high until the applications come in but likely, there will be a demand.

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