My name is Phillip and I look like a big scary dog that you would want to back up from but I’m exactly the opposite of that. I am the sweetest cheekiest dog you will ever meet. I was abandoned at the dump with Polly and our 4 pups. Even though we were all rescued I didn’t want to leave my pups behind but I know they are in good hands and I was in need of some vet care. I am now back from the vet and in foster care. There’s everything here. Little animals cats dogs and a little kid. We exchanged kisses but I don’t think she liked mine as much as I liked hers. I get along with everything here, nothing is bothering me. I learned quick that cats are the boss here, they keep stealing my dog bed. I am just really happy to be in a house. I still need some TLC. My skin and coat are really gross and that’s after a 2 hour brush session. My face has abscesses all over it from quills and I am so happy to get rid of the bugs that were making me scratch my body into one big scab I think I will recover quickly. I am honestly a giant baby that just wants to be touching you at all times and also just wants a friend that wont abandon me again. Please come and meet me. I’m pretty lazy and like to snuggle.

Age: 3 years
Breed: Rotti X
Location: Edmonton
Intake: January 2020
Adoption Fee: $400

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4 thoughts on “Phillip”

    1. Phillip isn’t feeling too well actually! Some of his quills are coming out and causing him a lot of issues. He’s still available, however he has had interest and some meet and greets so he likely will have a home when he is feeling well. If you apply online or will put your name in the line for him. Thanks!

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