I am the most snugly love bug you will ever meet!

I am a middle aged gal who has a lot of life experience. This is what my foster mom is guessing about me. I have lived in a house before. I am fully house trained and when I saw the kennel I walked right in and laid down. I know this is a safe place. I have ridden in the car before. I know about jumping in and I’m super cool about the car ride. I like kids, cats and other dogs. When I meet a dog I show them that I am tough by growling and bristling up. Foster mom says a lot of smaller, girl dogs are like this. We have to show that we are tough so that no one hurts us. I don’t know how to play wrestle with my foster brother. He was giving me all the play signals but I did not get what was going on. I thought he wanted to fight me for real! Foster mom says in time I can learn about play. The cat is very fun and I like to watch her closely. I haven’t shown any aggression towards the foster cat. I look like I’ve had puppies at some point. I had spay surgery recently and almost didn’t live through it. Thankfully I did because I have a lot of love to give. When foster mom stops petting me I get really annoyed. I need pets all the time! I need to go to a house with a submissive dog. If I am going to a home with other dogs then I like to be in charge and be the tough dog in the house. I need a dog who doesn’t mind if I put my head or paws on their back to show them I am in control. Please ask to meet me today!

Age: 6 years
Breed: Mastiff Lab X
Location: Edmonton
Intake: November 2018

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