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I am a timid girl but I am so nice. I’m great with kids, cats and other dogs. I am learning all about the world around me. I am a puppy so you will have lots of opportunity to help me be the dog you need. I am good off leash and know my name. I am not in love with the leash but I’ll walk on it. Foster Mom uses a harness because sometimes I need a little encouragement to walk. I am very quiet in my kennel. I can hold my pee for a long time so I would be a good dog when you are away at work. I just love to be loved, pet and cuddled. I am learning that humans are really quite marvelous. They often have treats in their pockets and that makes me a very happy girl! I’m very thin but since I am a greyhound type dog I will always have my ribs and hips showing as that is my body type. For more photos and video please visit Shauna’s Foster Dog Family on Facebook!

Age: 5 months
Breed: Greyhound X
Location: Edmonton
Intake: September 2019
Adoption Fee: $450

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