A message from Penelope: My path has been lonely and scary. But all the words to describe me have magically changed. From scared, shy, timid, rigid…….now the words are affectionate, playful, energetic, loving, cheerful and happy….. what a journey this has been! The kind folks at WHARF saved me and started the process and now I am thriving in my foster home. Here’s more of my story:
Hello everyone – I am Penelope (my foster mom calls me Penny) a really sweet, energetic and playful girl. When I first came into care, I was very shy and scared and hid all the time. I have totally come out of my shell and am now friendly, bright and affectionate. I love cuddles, especially at breakfast, dinner and in the evenings, but do not like to be picked up. I wiggle and squirm and jump out of your arms! I like to come to you on my own terms. I am still getting used to the idea that I’m safe on my foster mom’s bed and usually sleep downstairs instead. I have started poking my nose in and jumping up on the bed once in a while, and my mom is very patient with me.
I love to play with toys and mice – my FAVORITE of all is the laser pointer. I could chase that around the house for hours. I am young and frisky and need quite a lot of stimulation as I get bored and lonely on my own. Although I will take some time to warm up and get used to people, I think that I would do best in a house with kids and interactive activities. Other cats to play with would be wonderful as I love to play with my current ‘partner’ Lacey as much as she will let me. I have become quite curious about the outdoors and love to watch the birds and blue jays at their feeders. I do try to ‘escape’ periodically so you will need to be careful with open doors and windows.
I’ve really come a long way – I am a loving and affectionate girl and a real cutie too! I make my foster mom giggle a lot with all the goofy things I do 😊 I hope you will give me a chance to entertain you as I would really love to find my forever home! Love Penny!

Age: 2 years
Breed: DSH
Location: Edmonton
Intake: July 2019
Adoption Fee: $180
Personality: Scared

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