I’m Opal! Although I am just going up on the website now, I’ve been in WHARF care for a long time. I came in with a big group of Collie dogs (Check them out under our adopted page, Pecan, Ester, Mikey, Minerva, Pearl, Skylar and Samson). We were taken from our previous home by the ASPCA. We were all very undersocialized and scared of everything. I am one of the last of the big group. I am very fast and did not want to be caught by the WHARF workers so I learned how to move around my dog run at lightening speed. After months of this game I finally gave up and let them catch me. And boy, was I up for a big adventure! I moved to a house with another dog. I’ve never lived in a house before. It was pretty scary but the people are really nice. I have my own den, I’ve had a bath, they brushed me and cut out all the mats from my hair. I love playing with the other dog. We chase each other around the yard. I am good in the car, just scared. I am good on a leash. I will walk next to you. I don’t pull because I am too scared. I am good with cats and kids. I am food reactive and will need to be fed separately from other animals. This is fairly common for dogs like me, who haven’t had a family before. I also protect my treats and toys from my foster brother. I growl at him so he knows it’s mine. I will need a patient owner who wants to help me build my confidence. Check out more photos of me on Shauna’s Foster Dog Family On Facebook. Please apply to adopt me!

Age: 3 – 4 years
Breed: Rough Collie X
Location: Edmonton
Intake: January 2020
Adoption Fee: $400
Weight: 60lbs

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