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  1. My parents were the previous owners of ollie. They had him for around 8 weeks and they still were unable to approach him, he needs much more time than 2 weeks. They returned him due to him being so terrified that it was too hard to watch.

  2. Hi I have just filled out an
    Application for Ollie, forgot to mention i have dog experience,
    Over the years we had 2 golden
    Retrievers. Our last one Maggie,
    We adopted from you., she was 6
    Months old,we took her to
    Petsmart for obedience classes.
    She luved it.
    I would be willing to put in the
    Time to work with Ollie.
    Thnks .Brenda lekochinsky.

    1. Thanks! Ollie had many many inquiries today! The foster will reach out to you if you he isn’t adopted.

  3. We would be interested in Ollie if the pending meet and greets don’t pan out. We have a 5 year old shihtzu cross and two cats. The shihtzu is a very confident and happy girl.
    That said, we hope Ollie finds his new happy home, soon! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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