Hi I’m Marlee! I’m younger than I look, so I’m still learning all sorts of new things. I love to play with everybody and run for hours and hours. My favourite thing to do is rip up the stuffed animals in the home until they can’t see anymore. I also really love to eat. If it’s on the floor, it’s definitely fair game. Since I love my food and toys so much, I make it clear that I don’t like it when you come near, and will also guard any human food I smell on counters. Because of this, I don’t think I’d like young, unpredictable children. I’m slowly realizing that I there is an abundance of food readily available though, so with consistent training I’ll surely be able to get it. I love learning new tricks mostly because of the treats I get. They tell me I’m such a smart girl! I love belly rubs, playing tug with you, and barking at passer-bys when in the house. Once I’m tired, I go to my bed where I nap until the next walk. I’m a stubborn dog and will do anything to avoid going in the crate, but I do settle once I’m in. I am house trained, vaccinated, and dewormed. Come visit me today and I will show you how much I can love you! 

Age: 2 years
Breed: Lab/Pyrenees X
Location: Edmonton
Intake: January 2020
Adoption Fee: $400
Weight: 60lbs

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