10 thoughts on “Mojo”

    1. I was the first to reply and submit an application to adopt this pooch please tell me all you can and believe I should have the first chance

  1. How big is he and is he good with cats we have an older cat he’s going to 8 he’s so wanna make sure he’s ok with cats

  2. Good afternoon 🙂 wondering what is known about mojo ? We are a loving family of four ! Our kiddos are 11&9 , we lost our rescue baby in March , she was 14 years old . We are ready to love and spoil a new baby ❤️

      1. Whom are you directing your remark too? I was the first one to comment and apply… We are a loving home with a aging small dog cat and turtle would love to meet and perhaps adopt mojo into our family

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