My name I Maryanne and I came from a hoarding house of 73 cats. We were never really socialized as there was too many cats for our caregiver to spend time with one on one. I came into care and was extremely hissy and would pin my ears back and look like I wanted to bite. Over half of the adult cats that I lived with had to be rehomed to farms because they were too scary and feral. But there was something about me that this one lady loved. she was determined to make me love her back. It took about 4 weeks of hissing and gentle bites but she never gave up. My back would twitch every time she touched me because I didn’t know how to enjoy being pet. One day she took me home from the shelter and let me go in her house, I hid for a few days and then one night I came up stairs and finally caved. I sat with my foster mom for hours rolling in her lap for pets, purring so loudly and head butting her when she would try to stop. We are now best friends. I do have quite the personality though because not only am I extremely affectionate I’m also a bit grumpy at times so I will swat at you from time to time and maybe attack your leg but very gently of course. It more startles people more than anything. I am currently living with small animals, cats, dogs and a 4yr old and we all get along great and sleep together and play together. This new life is very different from what I was used to, it is clean, warm, loving and I get to eat whenever I want to. I need someone that is going to continue to help me be a cat and to love me unconditionally even with my quirky behaviour. I have been shaved because my previous home was so dirty but I am now able to groom myself again and my coat is growing out beautifully. Come and love me!!!

Age: 2 years
Breed: DLH
Location: Edmonton
Intake: June 2020
Adoption Fee: $180
Personality: Shy

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