My name is Marvin! I am a transfer from another rescue. When I first came into care I was terrified of everything and very confused. People were so scary! I have been in a wonderful foster home and I have learnt a lot and I am so much more confident and friendly. The other foster cat that was with me for in foster care really helped me become confident and learn how to love people and the house cat life. I am very affectionate and I love to play. It turns out I only like my one foster friend. After he was adopted I’ve not had another cat friend I like. I do like the family dog in my foster home! I remind him now and then that cats rule and dogs drool. I would need to be the only cat in the home but a dog is okay. I can play a bit rough at times so a house without young kids would be best. Please apply to adopt me!

Age: 3 – 6 years
Breed: DLH
Location: Edmonton
Intake: June 2021
Adoption Fee: $180

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2 thoughts on “Marvin”

  1. hi im lily and i was wondering if you can send me ore photos of the cat so i can see if shes the right one.i looking for cat i can play with and not worry about surrendering it.i want a kitten or cat thats chill and calm not a hyper crazy one.if you can chat with me on email and no phone calls that would be amazing! thank you

    1. All of the pictures we have are on the website. Please apply for him if you’re interested and his foster mom can get in contact with you about him.

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