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This boy is Patches and he was rescued off a reserve from a family in Saskatchewan but they could no longer keep him so WHARF decided to help this boy out. Patches is a distemper survivor. Distemper is a severe, often fatal disease of the brain, gastrointestinal tract, lungs and other organs of dogs. Most dogs don't survive this but Patches survived. Patches does have side effects from the distemper as it affected his vestibular and cerebellum parts of the brain. Patches has severe muscle twitching, head tilts and bobs, he is very clumsy, poor balance and has no coordination. He has never lived any other way though so this is normal to him, he is not in any pain and is a very happy boy. People do turn a head to watch him but he is living a very good qaulity of life. We are trying to help Patches out the best we can so he can live a more comfortable life. There are a few medications that the vet has spoken about with the foster home which is supposed to help cure some of Patches symptoms. He is scheduled to go for an appointment on February 27th. The cost for this medication and appointment is quite expensive and we are asking for your help in donations so we can give this boy all the help we can. If you would like to see some videos and pictures of Patches please jump over to our WHARF fb page. Here is a little bio from Patches' foster home: Patches is a lovable big teddy bear. He loves being close and cuddling. He has a severe neurological problem and so doesn't have great motor skills. He cannot climb stairs-only one or two to enter a house for example. He is about a year old and is the most confident of dogs. However, he has selective hearing and hasn't yet learned to come. We are working on that. He sits when asked and hears the fridge door open every time. He is extremely food motivated. Patches needs a patient guardian who will spend time as he needs some help, for example, getting into a vehicle... he weighs 45 pounds so one has to be able to lift that weight when needed. He loves carpet as he feels secure but sometimes crawls on his belly on hardwood because he can't grip the floor. He is neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed and tattooed. Patches loves people and loves otehr dogs. He is so playful but needs a dog that doesn't mind his sudden muscle twitching.




This girl is definitely going through her 9 cat lives. Relish came to us a few months ago when her family brought her into the vet clinic for a very severe mouth injury. She had de-gloved her whole bottom jaw, meaning her skin on her jaw all the way from her gum to her chin was not attached. Her family couldn't explain how the injury happened nor could they afford the vet bill to fix her so they surrendered her to us. She needed reconstructive surgery on her mouth to get all fixed up. After a few days and two surgeries Relish was ready to come home, she recovered perfectly and after a few weeks you couldn't even tell she had an injury. Relish was then adopted out to a sweet young family where she was settling in nicely. They lived in an apartment with a balcony which Relish was getting very curious about. One night she snuck out onto the balcony and with out thinking she jumped off. They ran down to grab her and rushed her to the vet clinic. After a few x-rays and a diagnosis she needed a FHO, which is another really expensive surgery. Her family could not afford it so they had to give her back to us. We rushed her to our clinic and she then had another surgery. An FHO is where you remove the head and kneck of the femur. Relish is now in recovery for the second time and getting around great. She is almost back to her normal self. This kitty has had quite the vet experience but she is such a great little kitty and so sweet she has deserved every penny we spent. We are asking for help on her vet bills if there is anything you can do to help this girl please donate on our paypal above or you can drop off at WHARF, 10724 124st. Thank you so much!!




WHARF is in desperate need of foster homes, we are over capacity for dogs and not enough foster homes to house them. With the winter months coming we are desperate to find foster homes. It is getting to cold and we want to rescue as many stray dogs so they don't get stuck in the cold either starving or freezing. All you have to do is provide a loving home for a dog until they are adopted. We supply all the necessary needs for the dog and all the vet care is taken care of as well. Please help us, we have so many dogs and one of them is bound to fit into your home for a few weeks.



Janis and Jake

WHARF is in desperate need of some donation items. Cat litter, cat food, dog leashes and dog beds are mostly needed. WHARF has been doing great with recieving other donations of food, toys, collars, etc. thank you to all the people out there that donate. If you are looking to donate some items to the rescue please consider these four items! Thank you so much! Food Dish Wishes is collecting the items for WHARF so if you want to drop off please go to 10724 124st, 780.455.4500.

WHARF would like to thank the following:
The Original Spay Clinic for their vet work that they do for WHARF! Also follow them on Facebook
Crestwood Veterinary Clinic for their vet work that they do for WHARF!
Whitecourt Veterinary Clinic for providing vet care.