Lucy is a sweet girl with a calm, loving nature. She loves couch time and truly loves cuddling with her people! Although Lucy appears to be a Lab X, it seems as though she will be a bit on the smaller size and will probably only grow to be a medium sized dog. As a young pup, she suffered severe injuries to her pelvis and both hind limbs. Her mobility is currently good and continues to improve over time. It will be important for her to always be kept at an ideal body weight and later in life, she will likely experience arthritis later in life so having her on a joint supplement would be recommended. She loves playing with the other dogs in her foster home. So far, she has been good with cats and small dogs, but occasionally gets a little over excited when meeting them and will sometime bark with excitement, so slow, supervised introductions are recommended. Lucy has been great with children so far and lives with a toddler in her foster home, but because of her previous injuries, would need kids who are gentle or are slightly older. She is working on basic commands and walking on a leash. Her energy level is moderate. Occasionally, Lucy has demonstrated some mild guarding behaviors regarding food and toys, but this is something that is improving over time.

Age: 7-9 months
Breed: Lab X
Location: Edmonton
Intake: August 2019
Adoption Fee: $450

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2 thoughts on “Lucy”

    1. Hi! Lucy is just a puppy so she would be fine with anything! She just needs to be trained and taught everything. Puppies always need excercise. If you apply it will put you in touch with the foster who knows more about her. Thank you!!

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