6 thoughts on “Kohlrabi”

    1. She has a strong personality so it would be on a dog by dog basis. She was a mom so often they are a little pushy. You are welcome to come by WHARF to meet her! She is there today (September 29th)

  1. Hi there. I have a question about Kohlrabi. Can you tell me her size? It’s hard to tell with the cone. We are looking for a medium sized dog as we already have a 90 lb pointer We don’t have room in my husband’s work truck or our bed for another 100 lbs of pup!
    My husband’s favourite vegetable is Kohlrabi and, when he cuts one up Gus goes crazy begging for a bite.

  2. Can I not apply to adopt right yet but get more info on the dog . I do have a cat she’s comfy with dogs but cautious. I live in town but would go to an acreage at least once a day

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