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  1. Good morning. I am enquiring about Kaydee. Does she have any vision left in either eye? Do you know if she has ever been homed with cats? We adopted a blind pug from WHARF approximately 9 years ago and he is still with us! (He was named Manny at that time and had been fostered by an AHT in Whitecourt).

    1. Hi! She is completely blind in both eyes and has not been in a home with cats. She would likely be fine as she is quite timid. If you would like to meet please apply and that will get your info to her foster home! Thanks!

      1. Hello Shauna. Thank you for responding. I didn’t realize you had messaged me until now (sorry). Yes, we are definitely interested in meeting Kaydee. I completed an application online, on Monday I believe. I hope the foster home received it! Thank you and hope to hear from someone soon! Joan Schmidt

  2. Kati is a wonderful addition to our home! She has been fully accepted into our canine pack and also with most of the felines. (One cat is still checking her out lol.) Kati has a good appetite and will now eat side by side with the other dogs. She follows me around all day and will search for me if I leave her limited field of vision. She spent the first day mostly on the sofa, but will now venture around the house. Kati is thriving on lots of attention, praise and positive re-enforcement. A huge THANK YOU to WHARF for the daily work you do and the part you play in rescuing these animals from some very negative and deplorable conditions. I commend you.

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