One thought on “Jude”

  1. Hullo! I’m Jane 😊
    Can’t believe the l’il fella hasn’t been adopted yet!
    Choose me and “Oliver” the orange tabby, we’re easy going, quiet, have 3 story townhome, toys, fine cuisine, fresh litter and all the loves. I’m old( fifty something)and he’s young😁
    Oliver loves to tear around the place a few times a day with toys and was in a social cat room at the SPCA a year and a half ago when I got him. He’s been trying to find a new pal ever since. 🙄He’s not good at being an only child.
    There’s one other cat lover in my home, a roommate who Oliver adorrrrres.
    I did apply for Jude along with a few other names, in case it was high demand.
    Please look us up!

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