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  1. We would love to meet Joe and any other adoptable dogs in foster care. We applied through WHARF two weeks ago. A scheduled appointment on November 19 had to be canceled because the volunteer needed to leave the WHARF office early.

    We are a loving older couple (me aged 53, Rod aged 62) who work from home (semiretired) and can offer a dog a quiet home environment with no other animals and proximity to off leash and nature trails. We will give a dog **at least** two long walks per day We. We live in Riverbend right off the ravine trail system.

    PS – We told our son, Joe, that if we adopt a dog named Joe would he please not mind if we changed his name. He has a good sense of humour and laughed! (We were teasing, of course.)

    We have wheels and will happily take a trip out to the foster home.

  2. Corresponded with Tessa by text. She thinks Joe is a possible fit for us. We need a dog that is max 60 lbs, mature and lower energy. Our household is quiet and we are not super active; we definitely don’t want to disappoint a younger, super active dog. We can promise a good walk in the morning (Rod) and in the afternoon or evening (me).

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