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  1. Hello Shauna!
    Would we be able to see the dogs you have now up for adoption? We applied for Max and would apply for Jillian, too, just was thinking would probably be better if we could see them somehow. We would follow your rules for social distancing, wear a mask, etc
    If that is possible, please reply to my email address. Thank you!

    1. The foster home will call you. Sometimes the dogs are at one foster home and you can meet a couple at once, other times it is one at a time.

  2. Hello! We are very interested in Jillian and we will put in our application right away. Do you have any more information about her?

  3. How do I get more information about Jillian?

  4. Interested in a bit more info on Jillian if there is any yet? Is she good with people, other dogs etc.

  5. Hi! I put in an application on Jillian a few days ago. How do I know if it was received? And do you notify applicants even if they aren’t successful? Thanks!!

    1. With COVID we are getting a lot of inquiries on each dog. You will be contacted for a meet and greet by the foster.

  6. I would Also Love some more information about her same as Barbie and Lisa.

    Thank you!

  7. Hi we would love some more information on Jillian please. We have a very loving home with 3 girls, wondering if Jillian would be a good match for us!! Thanks

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