I was so scared when I first came to WHARF. I used to hide all day. I also climbed to the highest shelf in my room so the volunteers wouldn’t touch me. Now I have learned to like people. The ladies who cleaned my room were very nice. They pet me and said I am a good girl. At first when they pet me I would freeze and pin my ears back. I was very scared they would hurt me. Now I know that it is really nice to be touched and cared for. I am now in foster care and I love my foster mom. She is so kind to me and takes excellent care of me. I would like to be a part of your family but I might need an adjustment period to warm up to my new surroundings. I love to cuddle but I don’t like to be picked up. I like to be in charge of my own body. I like to talk to my foster mom in the morning. I have a quiet meow but I talk talk talk while she gets ready. I ask her where she is going and tell her to have a good day. I am a very lovely lady who just wants someone to love. Will you choose me? Follow me on natsfostercatsyeg on Instagram!

Age: 1 year
Breed: DSH
Location: Edmonton
Intake: July 2019 
Adoption Fee: $180
Personality: Friendly

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