4 thoughts on “Orangesicle”

  1. Good Evening, we are interested in knowing more about Orangesicle, similar to what you’ve presented with the other dogs available for adoption. Would you be able to do so? Thank you, Kim

    1. Please text Tessa for more information at 780 884 1172. Orangesicle is a typical puppy, jumps up, excited and friendly!

  2. I am concerned about the seeming lack of attention Orangesicle has. Can no one pay enough attention that a personality can be described so people can see the better side to him? His space looks pretty sad too. All in all, this dog looks dejected and I get sorrowful every time I see this photo of how it has to live. Sad sad sad. I thought foster homes were better quality than this..

    1. Orangesicle is in a safe and happy place.I’m sorry this photo makes you feel worried. He is a perfectly happy puppy! If you are interested in fostering please fill out an application! The more homes we have the better! We are still getting to know him and will post a bio when we can describe him more. He is a typical puppy, jumps up, is excited and happy! He loves attention. Thanks for your message.

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