I was rescued from a northern community in Saskatchewan. I was a stray and was smart enough to know that if I went to construction sites it was nice and warm, there were people who would eat, and maybe even give me something to eat! The nice construction people even took me home sometimes. They noticed I had a leg problem and gave me to a rescue to help. I ended up at WHARF where my leg was removed. My pelvis had been shattered and my leg had an old break. The vet said I would be much happier without my leg. My old leg hurt a lot. I’m pretty annoyed right now because it is very tricky to go up and down the stairs and I can’t run as fast. I’m getting used to it but I need help up and down the stairs right now. Especially going down… it is easy to fall. Right now I am having a hard time with my emotions. I do not ever want to be alone again. When you leave, I will not be ok. I also have a little habit of howling. Foster mom said it is very, very loud for a little guy. For this reason I will not be a good apartment doggie. I’m small and once my fur grows back in I’ll be cute as a button. Will you meet me today and show me that I can be loved, forever? I am good with other dogs but I have likely been in a lot of dog fights so it will take me time to trust. I will need to be fed by myself for awhile because I get angry if other dogs come near me when I am eating (Foster mom said this is pretty normal for stray doggies who had to fight for food). So far I am good with kids and cats but it is hard to tell since I have lot going on right now. My personality will emerge more as I feel better.

Age: 2-3 years
Breed: Lab X
Location: Edmonton
Intake: December 2018

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