Oh how I wished I could have pulled Isla out of her hiding spot and held and snuggled her so she knew the world wasn’t so scary and that she deserves all of the love. Living in a shelter is a bit scary for any cat but especially those like Isla who are timid. Although she was hiding, she wasn’t too bothered by me squeezing myself under the bench inter her little protective area and using my portable light to get a good shot of that gorgeous face! She cautiously let me lightly pet her and sweet talk her while I took my pictures. I could tell this girl just needs someone who is patient and loving so she can come around and show her true self. She blinked softly at me while I talked to her and told her how pretty she was. One of my most rewarding fosters back in the day was a feral cat terrified of everything. I wish I had a job at home so I could foster this beautiful girl because I’m sure she would come around and blossom in a home setting! Lets give this girl a chance, she deserves it! Go down to WHARF downtown Edmonton and meet her – written by Ami, photographer!

Age: 9 – 12 months
Breed: DSH
Location: Edmonton
Intake: December 2019
Adoption Fee: $200
Personality: Shy

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